The Spirit of Broadway Presents The Skywalkers. It’s time to ask the uncomfortable questions about how the Death Star, with the capabiliy to destroy entire planets and the defenses to ward off several fleets of battle ships, was destroyed by a single fighter. How did Luke’s “miracle” missile, shot in the vacuum of space, defy the laws of physics, make a right angle turn and enter the Death Star’s exhaust port?  Why would the commander of the Death Star leave his post in battle to pilot a small TIE FIGHTER and then order his fighters to stand down as they are targeting the lead Rebel Ship, which happened to be piloted by the commander’s son?  And, why was Leia conveniently aboard the Death Star when her home planet was destroyed, leaving her the sole surviving heir and leader of the Rebellion?  We think it’s clear. It’s a family thing and they are all Skywalkers.

In 2013 The Spirit of Broadway benefited the Homeless Outreach Programs of the Metropolitan Community Center, including its food bank program.  100% of all proceeds from every Spirit of Broadway performance benefits local Atlanta charities.

In 2012 The Spirit of Broadway raised $8,000.00 for the food bank programs of First Metropolitan Community Church and our goal is to double that this year.  Together, we can make a difference.


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